Tortilla Pizzas


p 08/02/2017

So ridiculously easy, tasty and healthy. I think I even prefer these to actual pizzas. Put what you like on top. A particular favourite of mine is spinach and feta.

Makes 2 ‘pizzas’


  • 2 Tortillas
  • 2 Tbsps Tomato puree
  • 100g spinach
  • 50g feta
  • Freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper


  1. To make the spinach and feta mix, wilt the spinach in a pan of shallow water for 2 minutes. Squeeze the excess moisture out of the leaves and roughly chop the spinach.
  2. Crumble the feta into a bowl. Add the spinach and the seasoning and stir well to combine. Set aside.
  3. For the tortillas, place in a frying pan over a medium heat to crisp the bottom of the tortilla then spread 1 Tbsp of tomato puree over each tortilla. Half the spinach mix between the tortillas. Spread out evenly.
  4. Place the tortillas on a baking tray and bake for 3-4 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180C.
  5. Remove from the oven and slice and enjoy!

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