Screenshot_2016-05-09-13-07-28-1[1] 12/05/2016

These are so easy to make and you can have a tasty meal ready in minutes from leftovers you have in your fridge and larder.

I normally go for a combo of protein, dairy and vegetable in the filling. Tasty ideas include: Chorizo, black bean and cheddar; shredded chicken, avocado and hummus; feta, spinach and spring onion; bacon, brie and caramelised onion; mozzarella, basil and tomato to name a few.


  • Tortillas (1 per person or 2 if hungry)

For the filling:

  • Literally whatever you have to hand or fancy (cheddar, chorizo, bacon, feta, spinach, spring onions, black beans, avocado, jalepenos, tomatoes, sweetcorn, sweet potato, sausage, chicken, greens etc)


  1. In a dry frying pan over a medium heat, gently warm a tortilla for a few seconds. Add your chosen fillings to one half then fold the other half on top to create a semi-circle. Continue heating the tortilla for a couple of minutes, applying gentle pressure with a spatula, until it begins to crisp and brown slightly. Gently flip and repeat for the other side until the contents are warm and the cheese (if using) is melting.
  2. If making a large portion, spread the filling over the whole tortilla, place another tortilla on top and follow the same process of crisping and browning both sides.
  3. Remove from the pan, cut into wedges and serve.

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